The Ridgeway

The Ridgeway National Trail, 86 miles (139km) through ancient landscapes.  Over rolling, open downland to the west of the River Thames, and through secluded valleys and woods in The Chilterns to the east, following the same route used since prehistoric times by travellers, herdsmen and soldiers.

Andy will be walking it backwards, from Ayelsbury to Avebury, coming ‘home’ to the nearby Marlborough Valley. He’ll pass many prehistoric monuments on the way. The trail is at least 5000 years old and perhaps even older.

We’ll be posting updates on Andy’s progress through the week, with links to the sites he’ll be passing. Sign up to follow the blog for email updates. And, please, don’t forget to donate to Rett Syndrome Trust. For US friends, one dollar is three quarters of a pound…and 75p can buy something useful for the research team. One dollar, one pound and more if you can spare it to make Andy’s birthday a happy one and help little girls all over the world have their own happy lives back again.

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Andy’s Walk

Andy Wadsworth is raising money for Rett Syndrome Research UK by walking the Ridgeway, an ancient pilgrimage site. He’ll be walking 86 miles alone, camping with a bivvy bag and cooking one meal a day.

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Rett Syndrome effects young female children. ¬†Imagine the symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and severe anxiety disorders all developing inexorably in one little girl…

Rett Syndrome is the most physically disabling of the autism spectrum disorders. It strikes at random in early childhood, and parents watch their daughters lose their developmental milestones and slide into a life of helplessness and pain.

There is no treatment beyond supportive, and often ineffective, measures such as feeding tubes, bracing, orthopedic and GI surgeries, and medications for anxiety and seizures. First recognized only 25 years ago, the prevalence of Rett Syndrome equals that of Cystic Fibrosis, Huntingtons and Motor Neurone Disease but is vastly underfunded in comparison to those disorders.

Many girls live into adulthood, requiring total, 24-hour-a-day care.

The Rett Syndrome Research UK Trust is funding very promising research that may soon provide a cure for this distressing and diminishing syndrome.

If you have loved a little girl in your life, please support Andy by giving to the trust.

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