Back On The Trail


Last October, Andy Wadsworth had to come off the 86 mile Ridgeway Trail. He’d been walking it in a week to raise money for Rhett Syndrome Trust, walking it alone, sleeping in a bivvy bag and boiling up rice for meals from his tiny stove. It was his 50th birthday celebration…something he felt like he needed to do.

He came off the trail unwillingly because his feet hadn’t held up. He had worn fist-sized holes in the skin over both Achilles tendons. He’d raised nearly £500 of his £1000 pound goal and used 3 of his 7 days.

Now, he’s going back to the place he stopped and continuing on.

A great deal has happened to Andy in the intervening time. He lost both his parents unexpectedly and very rapidly. His mother died just after Christmas. His father joined her just before Easter. Andy was their only child. Over this year, he’s carried quite a burden.

Now, he’s just carrying his pack. It’s meant to rain today and the summer, they say, is over. But Andy’s getting back on the Ridgeway trail where he got off…at Goring Station. He’s doing what we all have to do…he’s going on.

With better socks.

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The above image is a painting by the amazing Anna Dillion.


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