Punchbowl for Breakfast


This is the Devil’s Punchbowl, by Sparsholt Firs on the 2nd leg of The Ridgeway National Trail. Andy’s doing The Ridgeway backwards, walking towards home…

He didn’t really have a punchbowl for breakfast. He didn’t have any breakfast at all. He made a quick cup of tea and got walking.

He walked 15 miles yesterday and climbed 1000 feet. This leg is 16 miles, but it’s all downhill. I know he’ll try and push past the beginning of the last leg. It’s a great day for walking, crisp and cool this morning with a shower predicted for the hottest part of the day. Andy said in his text that he was, ‘fairly comfortable’ last night (which means that he was terribly uncomfortable) and that the socks are ‘holding up brilliantly’ which means he doesn’t have any blisters.

Today, he’ll pass the White Horse of Uffington…


…familiar to all readers of Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. It doesn’t look like a horse, he says, it looks like what a horse is. He’ll also pass many, many barrows.

Andy’s walking to raise money for Rett Syndrome Research. Rett syndrome traps girls into their own worlds. They can’t communicate with their loved ones as well as they could when they were babies. They are often hungry, with huge digestive problems. With his solo walk, sleeping alone and bound in his bivvy and with eating very little, Andy is both walking 19 miles today and trying to imagine a life with this terrible illness.

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